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Council Tax & Utilities

Do I have to pay my own Council Tax and Utilities?

  • The general rule of thumb is that the tenant would always pay for their own council tax and utilities especially if the property was a house or a more modern flat. The only exception to this is where the property is an older style house and it’s been divided into flats or studios by the Landlord and the Landlord hasn't separated the supply of the respective utilities. 

Do Students have to pay council tax?

  • In the majority of cases, Students are except from Council Tax.

How do I know what Council Tax banding the property is?

  • If we have been given this information by the Landlord, then we are more than happy to advise you of this. But if in doubt, its always worth checking with the local council who can advise on the banding and the council tax payable per year.

What companies supply the Utilities?

  • In the Southampton area, the water is supplied by Southern Water. As your probably aware, there are dozens of companies who supply Gas and Electric. and most Landlords are happy for Tenants to obtain the most competitive quotation.

Can I change the Utility Provider?

  • Yes, as long as permission is given by either the Landlord or ourselves, as we do need to know the suppliers, especially when your tenancy ends.

Are meter readings taken?

  • Yes, meter readings are always taken at the start and end of your tenancy agreement and these are notified to the utility provider so that they can charge you for the correct period and usage.

What if there is a Key Meter?

  • If the property you are renting has a key meter for the electricity or a card meter for the gas - these are pre-payment methods and can be topped up at most local shops.