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Managing the Property...

Why is Management of the Property so Crucial?...

Buying a property is a huge investment and if bought right, will increase in value over time, but we do need to ensure we not only keep in in good state of repair, but also to ensure that Tenants are managed and only qualified Letting Agents are used.

Many people think it is simple to find a tenant and get some rent coming in...... If only!! Tenancy law is very complex and has to be done correctly or you will leave yourselves wide open for abuse. The wrong tenant can cause properties to plummet in value and limit rental potential once they have finally moved out. One key consideration when renting and using a Letting Agent, Lettings is currently an unregulated industry and very few Agents will be regulated by membership of a professional organisation or follow a proper code of conduct

During my years I have seen many properties where the Landlord has failed to keep the properties in good order and as each tenant leaves, the quality of the property falls and overtime so does the quality of the tenant. After all what kind of tenant would live in a deteriorated property??

Top 5 tips for Managing Your Property?...

Ensure the property is always well maintained

When finding Tenants use a reputable Letting Agent who is registered with ARLA

Ensure that the Agent has a suitable Tenancy Agreement and thoroughly references the prospective tenant

Ensure that an Inventory is carried out prior to the tenant moving in and routine inspections are conducted throughout the term of the tenancy.

Ensure check-outs are carried out at the cessation of the Tenancy Agreement

Lettings is a very complex subject, however for more information, please read our Lettings Guidelines