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Property Investment Yield

What is Property Investment Yield?

Yield is the annual return you get on an investment against the purchase price. An example of a yield would be as follows:

You buy a house for say, £200,000 and you receive £1200 pcm rent - the yield would be calculated as follows:

£1200 (rent pcm) x 12 = £14,400 rent per year

 / £200,000 (purchase price)

 x 100 (for percentage) = 7.2% yield

What Yield some I look to achieve?

This is always a difficult one to answer - with interest rates being so low, then anything above 1/2% is a bonus, but as an Investor, we would not recommend you look at anything below 5% yield.

When would I consider anything with a lower Yield?

Again, a matter of choice, but sometimes you have to weigh up your "Return on Investment" or RIO as we call it - for example, if the property could facilitate a leverage type of deal, whereby your investment was substantially lower, then this would give a much greater ROI - this used to be common place with cash back deals that developers used to offer.

Another example would be if the property was a "Refurbishment" which you were looking to "flip" for a nice profit, once it was completed - always the danger with "flipping" is will the property sell once the works have been done, therefore research beforehand is crucial or you could be supporting a property you didn't intend to keep or selling at a much lower price.