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Lettings Compliance...

From a Tenants perspective, renting a house can be quite a daunting experience, whether is moving to a new area or renting for the first time. There are always horror stories regarding unscrupulous Landlords or Letting Agents, as much as there are horror stories about Tenants running off and not paying the rent or using properties for illegal purposes.

Letting Agency Regulation...

Lettings itself is currently an unregulated industry, however the main key for anyone looking to rent is to use a professional Letting Agency, always make sure that the Letting Agent is ARLA registered.

ARLA is the Association of Residential Letting Agents and it is only awarded to Letting Agencies who comply with the ARLA code of conduct, meet their standards of Lettings and have professionally trained staff in the branch who have passed their ARLA exams. Lettings Direct are pleased to be members of ARLA.

Tenancy Deposits...

Another area that Tenants should be aware of is the deposit. It is a legal requirement for all landlords or Letting Agencies who take a deposit to register this in an approved Government Tenancy Deposit Scheme and the details of which should be made available to the tenant within 30 days. At Lettings Direct, we use a deposit scheme called TDSL.

At the End of the Tenancy...

Another area that always causes concern is the end of the tenancy as the Letting Agency has a duty of care to both Landlord and Tenant.

The Letting Agency usually has to perform a check-out inspection to check the condition of the property and ensure that save for acceptable wear and tear that the property is returned in the same condition as when the tenancy commenced. It is therefore essential that a tenant ensures that any broken or damaged items are replaced, the property is cleaned thoroughly and all light bulbs etc. are in a good working order. They may also be contractual obligations that the Tenant has to meet such as carpet cleaning that will be detailed within the Tenancy Agreement. Obviously, if it isn’t then the Letting Agency will have to arrange for such works to be done and charge the Tenant from the deposit.

Equally, a Landlord or a Letting Agency cannot expect to find a property is a better condition than when the tenant moved in and this is why an inventory is always best practice at the commencement of the Tenancy Agreement.

We aim to return deposits to the Tenants within 10 working days following the termination date.